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The most affordable and customizable electromagnetic energy device, creating clean and geometric energy fields for your experiences!

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Energy is Everything!

Energy isn't just a term for scientists to describe the nature of reality. It's also not a concept we use to talk about our feelings or "state of being," it's an ever-growing concept and principle in today’s world...More aspects of life are being characterized and explained in terms of energy, from science to spirituality. There is a "unique energy" about relationships, socializing, art, sports, finance, politics, religion, science, and technology, and life organizes by these ambient energy fields.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe." 

It's simple, and it's why we meet people who listen to the same music, play the same sports, and work in the same field. The vibrational signature within that particular realm creates an ambient tone, let's say "music," that individuals can experience and enjoy. If you want to play different kinds of music, you change the station or vibrational signature.

Electromagnetism is the force that transmits information between any two parties within our technological world. Computers all around the world constantly send information using electromagnetic fields. It's a daily practice for the modern world. The only difference is that the human body is also an electromagnetic transmitter/receiver!

Quantum Coils works nearly the exact same way as stereo speakers emanating sounds of that particular music, but they don't use sound waves to create the ambient experience like speakers do. They use electromagnetic fields. Quantum Coils adapts technology that harnesses electromagnetism, a quantum force, in geometric patterns to emanate clean and coherent ambient fields that fine tunes your mind and body, accelerating your abilities and journey...

Get a Quantum Leap ahead by using Quantum Coils!

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Tune the Mind and Body with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields made by Quantum Coils

-Tune your personal energy field 

-Stream harmonic tones for group gatherings

-Accelerate your educational experience

To learn more about the science behind these concepts, visit the Science page or click below...

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