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Tune Your Mind, Body, And Environment!

Energy fields are essential to creating healthy atmospheres within people, places, and things. When the field is distorted or “off,” so are the people, plac​es, and things within them. There is less clarity, more misunderstanding, poor communication, and even physical unease. When the field is coherent or “on,” there is a phenomenon of self-organization or harmony. Within this state, more clarity, understanding, better communication, and even physical well-being flourish, because the vibration of the surrounding field is more attuned to natural rhythms.

As the philosophy goes, “We are what we eat.” Like eating an organic diet, there’s a very good reason more people are seeking cleaner foods. It’s because we become what we eat. Why would we want to eat foods that are genetically modified, full of pesticides, and inhumanely procured, to eventually become what’s in our food? Cleaner foods means more holistic production and consumption, which will translate into a cleaner biological system within our bodies, which also translates into the places we go and the things we do.

My question is, “Why don’t we apply this same philosophy to energy fields around us, and how do we make that happen?”

Cymatics and Vibration

Cymatics is the study of wave functions translating into geometric shapes based on the particular frequencies in which they're vibrating. As the frequency changes, so does the geometric shape. Each geometric shape has a unique frequency associated with it. Geometry isn't just for math class on graphs or left to the artists on canvas anymore. They are beautiful expressions of vibration through any physical medium; water, metal, air, and so on. The image below shows piano notes played through the medium of water. Their shapes are mesmerizing...

Cymatic Patterns in Water

Next is a video describing and illustrating the various mediums cymatics can be applied. The creators of this video also made a music video to demonstrate the phenomenon in real time! Not only is it enlightening, it's a breathtaking piece of art...

Cymatic Demonstration

Cymatic Music Video

It's so incredibly interesting to see how much frequency and vibration are naturally embedded within life itself. Cymatics is a visual illustration as to how fundamental sound, vibration, and frequency are when looking through the mediums of life. What if we could translate these frequencies and vibrations using pulsed electromagnetic fields, as well?

What Can Quantum Coils Do?

Quantum Coils generates electromagnetic fields harnessed by natural geometries and with a level of coherence that feels smooth to the mind, body and environment. Enjoy Quantum Coils for more individual intentions to enhance mental clarity, increase communication and personal expression, charge your food, water, and crystals for the day, and even use it for group gatherings! How often do you find yourself in a gathering, whether personal party or professional meeting, that's difficult to get everyone "on the same wavelength?" Use Quantum Coils to generate that "wavelength" and vibrational signature so that everyone's on the same page. Wouldn’t that be a nice addition to daily living!

When there is more organization and harmony within the environment, it can enhance the energetic flow and interpersonal communication channels with other people, places, and things. Power up a Quantum Coil at the house to create an energetic atmosphere tuned to your natural rhythms for more people to enjoy. Use Quantum Coils at the workplace to enhance communication and workflow to boost business clarity, coherence, and cohesiveness.

What Are The Benefits Of Attunement

Music is commonly known to create many emotionally beneficial states we can experience and has been shown to produce biologically beneficial states as well. Concert halls are constructed based on geometric acoustics to find the best resonation. Imagine having the benefits of music by translating it into electromagnetic energy fields that run in the background when using a Quantum Coil!

But, what happens when that field is distorted? Looks pretty messy, right?

What happens when that field is more coherent? How is this achieved through Quantum Coils? This device uses mechanical properties that harnesses and amplifies energetic flow.

Example – Golfing

When hitting a golf ball, there might be imbalances and “kinks” in the swing itself. Maybe, the golfer is using too much of their shoulders in the swing. The ball only goes so far because of this imbalance, as there are “deficiencies” in the swing that primarily uses more of the shoulders and less of the legs, hips, and wrists. That same golfer starts incorporating biomechanic flow to create a holistic alignment within their entire body, they can hit the ball much farther...

Example – Nutrition 

Looking at nutrition the same way, we could be overloading on particular vitamins and minerals while missing others that create deficiencies. In essence, there is a nutritional imbalance that needs balancing. What about our emotional and mental body? Do we have deficiencies that lead to imbalance conversations and relationships with others?

We’re desiring more cleanliness in the things we consume/use in life. We want cleaner food, water, clothing material, renewable resources, and cleaner energy fields. So why not plug in a Quantum Coil and allow it spread some good vibes?

Quantum Coils are constructed in such a way that uses various geometries that harness the natural flow of energy and create cleaner fields that pulse mathematically derived harmonic tones. What a mouthful...Like the golfer harnessing their entire body, the material body didn’t change in mass, but the mechanics did. They were then able to create a cleaner swing using principles that incorporated the natural kinetics of the body. The same goes with nutrition. The volume of food doesn’t increase to balance the deficiencies. The quality of food was what changed by simply cleaning the diet to incorporate holistic and organic foods. Conversations and relationships can also be balanced to create a more harmonistic flow with others in the community by not necessarily using more words, but realizing the quality of words and expression of these words is what matters. This is achieved by simply creating a clean and coherent field to align the body and mind!

That’s why Quantum Coils could be a game-changer for your personal life, household, and workplace.

Quantum Coil’s Nine-Point star pattern reflects Universal geometries that allows for optimal efficiency and flow throughout the electromagnetic field. To see more about the origination of the Nine-Point star pattern, Click Below!

Interesting Information About "9"

How Does It Work?

Electromagnetism is a an electromagnetic force that relates to the physical relationship and exchange between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force is composed of electric current and magnetic fields, together they create electromagnetic radiation that we experience in the cosmos as the "electromagnetic spectrum," running between radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, and gamma rays and essentially call all of this "light." It is one of the four fundamental forces in nature, along with the other three being the strong interaction, weak interaction, and gravitation. Electromagnetic phenomena are defined in terms of the electromagnetic force, sometimes called the Lorentz force, which includes both electricity and magnetism as different manifestations of the same phenomenon.

Electromagnetic fields play a major role in determining the internal properties of most objects we experience in daily life by holding and moving electrons in orbit around the nucleus of an atom. This force also hold atoms together to create what we call molecules. Since the atomic interaction is dictated by the electromagnetic force, these EMFs heavily influence the organization between these atoms and molecules.

When looking at electromagnetism in terms of mathematics and Quantum Physics, Faraday's law explored the concept of magnetic fields associated with electromagnetic induction and magnetism. Along with that, Maxwell's equations describe how electric and magnetic fields are generated and altered by each other and by charges with currents.

So, how does Quantum Coils take these cosmic principles and translate them into daily uses that enhance human potential?

Stream your favorite playlists for music immersion, natural harmonic tones for personal attunement, and even play podcasts and lectures through Quantum Coils to truly embody the vibrations and information embedded within them. 

Is there particular music that "speaks to you?"  Stream that music through a coil.

Want to re-harmonize your mental state, environment, and even molecular structure?  Tune your coil to mathematical and naturally harmonic tones to enhance mind/body connection for you and others.

Is there information within podcasts and lectures that "resonate" with you?  Stream those podcasts and lectures through a coil to fully embody the information within them.

Is It Safe?

All life creates electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic force is one of the fundamental quantum forces of life itself. The Earth creates an electromagnetic field called the Schumann Resonance, pulsing at approximately 7.8 Hertz. Even the human body creates an electromagnetic field emanating from the brain and heart that some call an "aura.” The electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, and gamma rays), we experience in as the cosmos and call it "light!"

PEMF Therapy has been approved by the FDA in 1979. Astronauts learned in the 1960's that they became sick after orbiting Earth for so long, and essentially disconnecting from Earth's electromagnetic field. They then developed PEMF technology for future orbits.

 EMFs are generally unsafe based upon the frequencies in which they're pulsing and the intensity in which they’re emitted. Computers and mobile devices are found all over the planet, transmitting data at much higher frequencies, billions of Hertz, closer to the "microwave level" on the electromagnetic spectrum. This bandwidth of EMFs isn’t as suitable for the body over longer periods of time. Along with the intensity of emission, the vibrational signatures are just as important, as today's computers and mobile devices aren't emitting frequencies and fields within biological rhythms that we can experience in nature.

When Will I Notice The Effects? 

Like anything, results may vary...Everyone experiences anything slightly or drastically different than others. This is nature...

That being said, some are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Others aren't so sensitive. My personal experience is I felt the field the moment I first turned on my Quantum Coil, but have been using it daily since then. I can't always "feel" when a coil is on. Others have felt the same when I've performed demonstrations. Surprisingly, some that don't claim to be sensitive or spiritual were able to feel a dramatic shift the instant I turned on a coil for them. Ultimately, the effects of Quantum Coils can be experienced intrinsically within the body and also as a temporal transformation within the external world.

As with changing a nutrition or exercise, they take a few months to really see and feel the longevity of effects produced by the change. At first glance, the diet and workout may cause a "new" sensation the first few days, but the projected goal hasn't been achieved within that timeframe. What happens when the program is followed each week for several months? There is a point where the effects are more noticeable, and the work is getting closer to their goal. In the meantime, between starting and several months later, trust in the science and belief in the process is necessary. 

Eventually start taking steps to reflect on the changes within your life. As with nutrition, notice how you have less fogginess and more clarity during the days. With exercise, notice how you have less stiffness and more mobility during functional movements. These are smaller successes that translate into a more progressive lifestyle within the larger picture. Quantum Coils translates in the same way by using "subtle energy" that tunes your personal energy field every time you turn it on...

Why Use Quantum Coils?

What sets Quantum Coils apart from other PEMF devices is the intended use? Most to nearly all PEMF devices are directed more toward therapeutic healing. With Quantum Coils, you get to determine and customize what pulses through your device, whether it's for your music immersion, personal attunement/group gatherings, or accelerated education...

Quantum Coils is designed and intended as a multi-purpose device to provide supplemental enhancement for everyday living that boosts your personal growth! 

No need for headgear or even immediate contact like most other devices. Simply set up within a local space, and start experiencing the beneficial, ambient fields Quantum Coils produces. Check out some articles explaining the science and benefits behind this progressive technology! Click Here to read more!

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Usage Disclaimer

Quantum Coils isn't intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any dis-eases, illness, or medical issues one might be experiencing and is designed to be a multi-purpose, recreational PEMF device. Using Quantum Coils is assumed at your own discretion. 

**Intended use is to temporarily charge or tune but only in smaller doses. Like electronic devices or musical instruments, we only need to charge them or tune them up before using them over an extended period of time. Quantum Coils is seen through the same lens. We only need to charge or retune for a shorter period and then enjoy the experiences it induces.**