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"StarShip 9"

The original design for Quantum Coils, "SS9" coil is based upon the principle of 9 being a number of totality. 

As Nikola Tesla famously stated, “If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the Universe.” 

A Little Arithmetic 

The number 9 has unique characteristics, in that it results back into itself and it reflects other numbers. For example, doubling itself only leads back to 9 as the "digital root" (adding all integers within the product); 9x2=18=1+8=9, 18x2=36=3+6=9, 36x2=72=7+2=9, 72x2=144=1+4+4=9, and etc...However, 3 and 6 doubled alternate back and forth between the two; 3x2=6, 6x2=12=3, 12x2=24=6, 24x2=48=12=3, 48x2=96=15=6, 96x2=192=12=3, and etc…Essentially, 3 and 6 are opposites, while 9 results back to itself. Along with that, 111=3, 222=6, 333=9, 444=12=3, 555=15=6, 666=18=9, 777=21=3, 888=24=6, 999=27=9. Nine can also be multiplied by any other number to equal 9; 1x9=9, 2x9=18=9, 3x9=27=9, 4x9=36=9, 5x9=45=9, 6x9=54=9, 7x9=63=9, 8x9=72=9, 9x9=81=9. Let’s use a larger integer of 456x9=4104=9 or 847364x9=7626276=36=9. Any integer of 1 through 8 added with 9 will reflect that original integer; 1+9=10=1, 2+9=11=2, 3+9=12=3, 4+9=13=4, 5+9=14=5, 6+9=15=6, 7+9=16=7, 8+9=17=8. And then, adding every integer from 1 to 8 equals 9; 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36=9. So, the number 9 can reflect each integer back to itself and also be the summation of them all.

Circles and Polygons

We can see the significance of 9 within geometry, a complete circle of 360 degrees, each successively doubled or halved angle reduced to a single integer will equal 9; doubling 360=9, 720=9, 1440=9, 2880=18=9, 5760=18=9, 11520=9, 23040=9, 46080=18=9, or halving 360 to 180=9, 90=9, 45=9, 22.5=9, 11.25=9, 5.625=18=9, 2.8125=18=9, 1.40625=18=9, and etc…

We can also take the most basic polygon to support a circle (that being a triangle), add the degrees of each edge to see they equal 9, and then do this with each sequentially increasing polygon’s total degrees; a triangle’s 60 degrees (60x3) equals 180=9, a square’s 90 degrees (90x4) equals 360=9, a pentagon’s 108 degrees equals 540=9, a hexagon’s 120 degrees equals 720=9, a heptagon’s 128.5714 equals 900=9, an octagon’s 135 degrees equals 1080=9, a nonagon’s 140 degrees equals 1,260=9, and etc…

Taking this math even further, let’s take a single integer, add it to itself, divide by the multiplication of itself, multiply by 180 degrees of a circle, and then multiply the product by the original integer; (1+1)/(1x1)x180=360x1=360=9. It makes a complete 360 degree circle and equals 9. What about the other integers; (2+2)/(2x2)x180=180x2=360=9, (3+3)/(3x3)x180=120x3=360=9, (4+4)/(4x4)x180=90x4=360=9, (5+5)/(5x5)x180=72x5=360=9, (6+6)/(6x6)x180=60x6=360=9, (7+7)/(7x7)x180=51.42x7=360=9, (8+8)/(8x8)x180=45x8=360=9, (9+9)/(9x9)x180=40x9=360=9

"Nine" in Life

The Enneagram is a personality test that encompasses 9 personality types. The first is a moral perfectionist. The second is supportive advisor, the third a successful achiever, the fourth a romantic individualist, fifth an intellectual thinker, sixth a loyal guardian, seventh an entertaining optimist, eight a protective challenger, and 9 a peaceful mediator. They make the Enneagram personality test for self-realization and actualization.


Also to note, there were (formerly) 9 planets in the solar system, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 9 months of pregnancy, "flying on Cloud 9," Neuf in French means both 9 and “new,” 9 physical openings in the human body (2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth, 1 anus, and 1 genital). Even the Sun’s lifespan is estimated to be 9 billion years! 

The number 9 represents completion and fulfillment, as it’s the last single digit number before the cycle repeats itself. Numerology says the number 9 represents compassion and love for everyone by embodying the highest principles and wisdom of humankind...

Quantum Coils originates with this coil.

This is StarShip 9...

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