Quantum Coils

"StarShip 9"

StarShip Nine, "SS9," the original design for Quantum Coils, is wrapped with three 9-point polygons integrated into one, from wide to narrow and back out, so the energy flows like lungs breathing

Nine has unique characteristics, in that it can reflect all numbers and also reflect just itself. StarShip 9 is based upon the principle of 9 being a number of infinity rooted in "vortex-based mathematics."

“If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the Universe.” - Nikola Tesla

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Interesting Information About "9"

Quantum Coils works through a trinity of variables that plug into each other. The first component is a signal device, being a phone, tablet, or laptop. The second is an amplifier to carry that signal to the coil. The last is a Quantum Coil that emanates the signal as an electromagnetic field. Without one of these three variables, the experience won't work.

What is Included:

Quantum Coil

Mini Amplifier

Headphone Splitter

Tester Magnet 

3.5mm Cable to Amplifier

Not Included:

Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Available in:

Size: 6" and 12" Frame

Color: White or Black

Price: 6" is $285 USD, 12" is $396 USD Plus $9 Shipping

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Usage Disclaimer

Quantum Coils isn't intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any dis-eases, illness, or medical conditions one might be experiencing and is designed to be a multi-purpose, recreational PEMF device. Using Quantum Coils is assumed at your own discretion.